Newsletter 13 – May 2017

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  • The United States Supreme Court has held that children with disabilities are entitled to individual education programmes to enable them to make progress in light of their individual circumstances. The case revolved around a boy with autism who was attending a public school. His parents removed him from the school and enrolled him in a specialised private school when they saw that he was not making progress from year to year. The parents then sued under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to reclaim the private school fees that they had paid.
  • In March, the Federal High Court of Abuja in Nigeria ruled that free compulsory basic education up to the level of junior secondary school is an enforceable right for all Nigerian children. Nigerian courts have generally held that the rights provisions under Chapter II of the national constitution, including education rights, are not directly enforceable, but the court held that the constitutional provision in conjunction with the Free Universal Education Act created an enforceable obligation against the government at the state and federal level.