Durham Workshop – 21 November 2014


Kindly hosted by

School of Law/Human Rights Centre, Durham University

21st November 2013


 11.00-11.30             Arrival

 11.30-11.45             Welcome

 11.45-13.00             Panel 1 – Chair: Anashri Pillay

Joe Wills (Leicester), ‘The “Bedroom Tax” and the UK’s International Legal Obligations in Respect of the Right to Adequate Housing’

Ben Warwick (Durham), ‘Crisis into Emergency (Paradigm): Changes to the Doctrine of Non-Retrogression’

13.00-14.00             Lunch

 14.00-15.15             Panel 2 – Chair: Deirdre McCann

Khanyisela Moyo (Ulster), ‘Economic, Social and Cultural Right under the new Constitution of Zimbabwe’

Ruth Gallagher (Durham), ‘Exploring Traveller Accommodation within a Culturally Appropriate Housing Rights Framework as a means of Mapping Human Rights Operationalisation in Ireland’

15.15-15.45             Break

 15.45-17.00             Panel 3 – Chair: Ben Warwick

Katie Boyle (Limerick), ‘Justiciability and Economic and Social Rights in Northern Ireland’

Anashri Pillay (Durham), ‘Economic and Social Rights Adjudication and the Judicial Selection Process’

19.30                         Dinner



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