Biannual Workshops

ESRAN-UKI holds biannual workshop, one during winter term and one during spring term, where members present their work-in-progress. The list below includes links to the programme of each workshop.

The most recent workshop was held at the University of Roehampton, London on 9 March 2018

The eleventh workshop was held at Warwick University on 24 November 2017.

The tenth workshop was held at Ulster University on 16 March 2017.

The ninth workshop was held at Swansea University on 24 April 2015.

The eighth workshop was held at Durham University on 21 November 2014.

The seventh workshop was held at Essex University at 25 April 2014.

The sixth workshop was held at Nottingham University at 22 November 2013.

The fifth workshop was held at University College Dublin at 3 May 2013.

The fourth workshop was held at Lancaster University at 30 November 2012.

The third workshop was held at Leeds University at 16 March 2012.

The second workshop was held at University College London at 19 November 2011.

The first workshop was held at Durham University at 18 March 2011.


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