Research Workshop at Ulster University

16 March will see ESRAN-UKI members meet at Ulster University for the first research workshop of 2017.  Excitingly, the workshop will also take place under the auspices of the UK/Ireland section of the Academic Network on the European Social Charter.

While submissions were welcomed on all topics, given recent events, two of the panels are to focus on ‘ESR, Europe and Brexit’ and ‘ESR in Times of Crisis’. Presenters at the Workshop include Katie Boyle (Roehampton), Azadeh Chalabi (Ulster University), Claire Lougarre (Southampton), Amrei Müller (Queen’s University Belfast), Thomas Murray (An Cosán Virtual Community College, Dublin), Evelyne Schmid (Switzerland) and Mark Simpson (Ulster University). In keeping with the themes of the event, Prof Colm O’Cinneide (UCL) will be giving a lecture after the workshop on his experience as a member of the European Committee of Social Rights.

The programme can be downloaded here: Programme (1)



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