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October 2016 Bulletion No. 12



Amanda Cahill-Ripley, ‘Reclaiming the Peacebuilding Agenda: Economic and Social Rights as a Legal Framework for Building Positive Peace:  A Human Security Plus Approach to Peace-building’ (2016) 16(2) Human Rights Law Review 223-246

Alice Donald, Parliaments and the European Court of Human Rights (Oxford: OUP, 2016)

Diane Elson, Rethinking Economic Policy for Social Justice: The Radical Potential of Human Rights (London: Routledge, 2016)

Jessie Hohmann ‘Opium as an Object of International Law: Doctrines of Sovereignty and Intervention’ in A. Reinisch & M. Footer (eds) Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law (Oxford: Hart, 2016) available

Jessie Hohmann ‘Protecting the Right to Housing in England, A Context of Crisis (report to the CESCR written for JustFair)

Jeff King, The Doctrine of Odious Debt in International Law: A Restatement (Cambridge: CUP, 2016)

Claire Lougarre, ‘Using the right to health to promote the application of Universal Health Coverage for non-nationals?’ Health and Human Rights (forthcoming December 2016)

Virginia Mantouvalou, ‘Active Industrial Citizenship of Domestic Workers: Lessons Learned from Unionising Attempts in Israel and the United Kingdom’ (with Einat Albin), (2016) 17 Theoretical Inquiries in Law, 321-350

Thomas Murray, Contesting Economic and Social Rights in Ireland: Constitution, State and Society, 1848–2016 (Cambridge: CUP, 2016)

Colm O’Cinneide, ‘The Catalytic Potential of Equality and Human Rights Commissions’ (2016) 24(1) Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 7-20

Evelyne Schmid, Taking Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Seriously in International Criminal Law, Cambridge University Press, new in paperback.

Sharifah Sekalala, ‘Normative Considerations Underlying Global Health Financing: Lessons for the Framework Convention on Global Health’  (2015) 9(1) Global Health Governance  22- 40

Ben TC Warwick, ‘Socio-Economic Rights During Economic Crises: A Changed Approach to Non-Retrogression’ (2016) 65(1) International and Comparative Law Quarterly 249

Joe J Wills & Ben TC Warwick, ‘Contesting Austerity: The Potential and Pitfalls of Socioeconomic Rights Discourse’ (2016) 23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies   629

Gerry Whyte, Social Inclusion and the Legal System: Public Interest Law in Ireland, 2nd ed (Dublin: IPA, 2015). Updated introduction (Sept 2016) available online:



Katie Boyle and Leanne Cochrane: ‘Brexit and a British Bill of Rights: Four Scenarios for Human Rights, ESRC UK in Changing Europe Explainer’:

Virginia Mantouvalou, ‘Modern Slavery? The UK visa system and the exploitation of migrant domestic workers’:

Virginia Mantouvalou, ‘EU citizens as bargaining chips’:

Sharifah Sekalala, ‘NHS ruling addresses inequality in access to medicines’, Health and Human Rights Journal Blog Available at

Sharifah Sekalala ‘Yes, the fight for anti-HIV drugs is a fight against discrimination’, The Conversation:



Colm O’Cinneide will be giving his inaugural lecture on the topic of ‘Rights under Pressure: The Legitimacy Crisis of Human Rights Law’ on Thursday 17 November in UCL, chaired by Lord Kerr. More information (including on how to register) is available here:

Thomas Murray will be launching his book Contesting Economic and Social Rights in Ireland:   Constitution, State and Society, 1848–2016 (CUP, 2016) on 24 October at Boston College. For more details, please contact Thomas at


Cases and other ESR law developments


CESCR, General Comment 22: The Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health (Art 12 of the Covenant)

CESCR, General Comment 23: The Right to Just and Favourable Conditions of Work (Art 7 of the Covenant)

CESCR, Statement on Public debt, austerity measures and the ICESCR-

CRC, General Comment 19: Public Budgeting for the Realization of Children’s Rights

Reports and interim reports of Special Procedures submitted for the 71st session of the General Assembly, including those on the right to food, right to health, right to adequate housing foreign debt, extreme poverty and human rights, right to education, migrants, IDPs, and transnational corporations and other business enterprises:

Reports of Special Procedures submitted for the 33rdt session of the Human Rights Council, including those on the right to water and indigenous peoples



European Committee of Social Rights, Equal Rights Trust (ERT) v. Bulgaria (Decision on admissibility, 5 July 2016) Complaint No. 121/2016: Allegation of violation of articles 12§3, 16 and 17§2 of the European Social Charter, either alone or in conjunction with Article E, complaint declared admissible.



Connecticut Superior Court, Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell (7 Sept 2016): Holding that significant elements of Connecticut’s K-12 education system were so ‘irrational’ that they were denying students, especially those in low wealth districts, their right to an adequate education under the State Constitution (Article eighth, sec.1):

South African Constitutional Court, Ngomane & ors v Govan Mbeki Municipality [2016] ZACC 31  (8 Sept. 2016)

The South African Constitutional Court extended the Olivia Road case to urgent forced evictions, requiring meaningful engagement between the local authority and tenants – or occupiers in this case – before eviction can be deemed constitutional under Section 26 of the South African Constitution (the right to have access to adequate housing).



Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry and consultation on ensuring strong equalities legislation after EU exit (deadline 9 November 2016)

Consultation on Social Security in Scotland (deadline 28 October 2016)


Call for Papers

Call for Papers:  The Queen Mary Human Rights Law Review is currently accepting submissions.  The journal is now double blind peer reviewed, open access, has a focus on socio-economic rights, vulnerability and marginalisation.  See  Submissions can be sent to the editor, Jessie Hohmann, at

Call for Papers: The CRN on Economic and Social Rights of the Law and Society Association has issued a call for papers to be presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Mexico City, Mexico. Deadline 18 Oct 2016. Note CRN 47 sponsorship during the submission process to be included within the ESR panels:- For more details, contact Ben Warwick:


Other items of interest

 Amanda Cahill-Ripley has been done extensive work on conflict prevention and ESC rights in collaboration with the Quaker United Nations Office and others. Details of this research, including  a podcast on ‘Prevention and Early Warning of Conflict – The Role of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’ is available here:

Virginia Mantouvalou has been appointed as Special Advisor to the UK Joint Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry on business and human rights. More details are available here:

Jed Meers won the SLS Best Poster Prize for his poster on ‘Shifting the Place of Social Security: Social Rights under Austerity in the UK’. More information is available here::

Aoife Nolan served as an expert advisor on the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment No.19 on public budgeting for the realisation of children’s rights and contributed to its drafting, with particular input into the section on obligations. More details are available here:

Global Initiative on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ‘Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at the 33rd session of the UN Human Rights Council’ (13 Oct 2013):


Misc Periodic Resources on ESR

 Latest Edition of OHCHR ESCR Bulletin:

The OHCHR ESCR Bulletin provides updates on economic, social and cultural rights for OHCHR staff working in the field and at Headquarters. Issued every two months, this Bulletin aims at sharing news, activities, key events and new resources relevant to economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR).

Latest Edition of ESCR-Net Newsletter:


 Latest Edition of Equality and Diversity Forum Newsletter: 

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